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UKP Production System
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Secrets of High Quality

Hyogo Pulp has taken aggressive steps toward developing technology to manufacture UKP products and establishing a production system that efficiently manufactures a wide variety of pulp.
In 1999, a cutting-edge continuous digester (No. 2 digester), developed by Kvaerner of Sweden, was newly installed. With this new model continuous digester, the quality of virgin kraft pulp desired in today's waste paper recycling society has been greatly improved, and the amount of chemical usage and energy consumption were reduced.
The cooking temperature was also lowered from 170°C used conventionally to 155°C. Cooking at a lower temperature for a longer period of time makes it possible to recover fibers even from timber offcuts to produce high quality pulp. This is an example of the Company's ongoing effort to improve its manufacturing processes at every step of the way from cooking to washing and cleaning.
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