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UKP Production System
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Engaged in production activities that are predicated upon forest conservation and resource recycling.


Limiting environmental impact as much as possible so as to protect the soundness of the environment

  Hyogo Pulp strives to minimize the impact of its operations on the natural environment and eco systems. The Company uses only used and waste wood as raw materials for UKP, and makes determined efforts to reduce resource and energy usage in its production processes. Furthermore, UKP reinforces used paper materials, whose strength has been reduced, and contributes to the recycling of paper. By using black liquor—the pulp digestion waste liquid produced during the manufacturing process—and other waste materials as fuels, the Company generates energy and supplies 100% of its power requirements at its plant. Any excess electricity is distributed to power transmission lines. With the use of such biomass energy, the Company has lowered the volume of fossil fuels usage.

Striving to recycle waste materials so as to achieve zero emissions

  The company is working to achieve zero emissions at its plant, which means no generation of waste materials through corporate and production activities. Organic sludge generated in the wastewater treatment process is dehydrated and incinerated inside the plant. Incinerated ash is reused as a raw material for cement. In addition, inorganic sludge generated in the process to manufacture chemicals for use in chip digestion is also dehydrated. Some of the dehydrated inorganic sludge becomes a raw material for cement and the rest is used as a foaming inhibitor in converters at steelworks. Through these efforts, the company is moving forward in responding to the needs of the recycling-oriented society.
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