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Measures against Illegal Logging
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Measures Against Illegal Logging

Basic Policies about Wood Feedstock Sourcing

Created: September 21, 2006
Revised: January 7, 2013

Basic Policies about Wood Feedstock Sourcing and Approach

1. Strict Compliance with Laws and Regulations
The Company shall procure wood feedstock that has been produced in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
The Company shall make its utmost effort to avoid purchasing wood feedstock in the following categories:
(1) Illegally harvested timber;
(2) Wood that was harvested by infringing upon traditional rights and civil rights;
(3) Timber harvested from high conservation value forests which are threatened due to management activities;
(4) Timber harvested from timber plantations or forests that are being converted to non-forest use; and
(5) Timber from forests where genetically modified trees have been planted
2. Promotion of the Use of Timber Offcuts, Recycled Wood and Unused Wood
(1) The Company shall use waste lumber scraps as raw materials.
(2) The Company shall use wood from dismantled houses, used packing materials, and discarded pallets as raw materials.
(3) The Company shall use wood procured from forest thinning as raw materials.
3. Disclosure of Information about Progress
The Company shall periodically disclose a summary of its progress status.
4. Construction of Mutual Trust and Prosperity
The Company shall endeavor to build a relationship of trust with its customers and strive to procure goods and services, so as to achieve the best outcome with respect to the environment, safety, quality, and cost in the spirit of mutual prosperity and coexistence.
5. Consideration for Biodiversity
In addition to its ongoing work on preventing global warming and environmental activities toward the formation of a recycling-based society, the Company shall endeavor to achieve biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of timber resources.


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