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Characteristics of Hyogo Pulp's UKP Environmental Conservation Activity Measures against Illegal Logging Potentials for UKP  
  会社紹介 UKPの生産体制 当社のUKPの特徴 環境保全活動 違法伐採対策の取り組み UKPの可能性  
Measures against Illegal Logging
Basic Policies about Wood Feedstock Sourcing
Status of Wood Feedstock Sourcing Efforts
System to Prove Legal Compliance

Measures Against Illegal Logging

When trees are cut down in violation of laws and regulations, a number of problems occur, including the shrinkage of forests, destruction of ecosystems, and global warming. The Company procures its raw materials in line with the policies of Japan’s Forestry Agency and the Japan Paper Association, so as not to use any wood that is harvested illegally.
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