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Characteristics of Hyogo Pulp's UKP
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Hyogo Pulp offers environmentally-friendly UKP in a variety of forms.
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Pulp Types and UKP

Pulp is made of fibers extracted from wood and other materials. Different combinations of raw materials and manufacturing processes result in a wide variety of pulp types to provide desired paper properties.
Pulp that is made from wood can be classified by manufacturing method: mechanical pulp manufactured by grinding wood mechanically or chemical pulp obtained by cooking wood chips in chemicals and collecting wood fibers. Kraft Pulp (KP) is a type of chemical pulp. Because the chemicals used are alkaline, the walls of fibers (cellulose) are protected, permitting paper to be strong. UKP, or unbleached kraft pulp, is especially strong and widely used in liner and corrugating mediums, kraft liners, and craft wrapping paper.
As per the type of wood chip, pulp can be classified as softwood (N wood or Nadelholz, including pine, cedar and cypress) or hardwood (L wood or Laubholz, including beech, oak, evergreen oak and eucalyptus). Softwood has long and thick fibers, allowing paper to become strong and resistant to tears. Hardwood has thin and short fibers, resulting in paper that is not very strong but suitable for smooth-surface printing. UKP that is made from softwood is called NUKP, whereas that made from hardwood is called LUKP.

Types of Pulp

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