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Hyogo Pulp Co., Ltd. — Environmental Policies

(1) Hyogo Pulp Co., Ltd. shall further promote the manufacture of resource-conserving kraft pulp by using such recycled materials as used wood and lumber mill waste, while conducting resource-conserving and energy-saving business activities by effectively using more pulp cooking waste liquor as biomass energy. The Company shall contribute to society in the formation of a sustainable recycling-based society.
(2) The Company shall give priority to the following items with respect to the impact that the Company’s business activities exert on the environment, and shall set and review objectives and goals so as to achieve ongoing improvement and prevent pollution:
  1. Reinforcement of environmental improvement measures and the environmental management system
  2. Promotion of energy saving
  3. Promotion of effective use of lumber waste and used wood recycling
  4. Reduction of waste and promotion of its effective use
(3) The Company shall comply with all relevant laws, regulations and ordinances, as well as agreements and any other requirements that it consents to undertake.
(4) The Company shall train all those who work within its organization and those who work for the organization so that they can act appropriately to build a corporation devoted to environmental conservation.
(5) The Company discloses these policies for access by the general public.
October 1, 2005
Hyogo Pulp Co., Ltd.
Yuji Ikawa, CEO
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