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Turning Lumber Scraps and Recycled Wood into Raw Materials
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Production activities predicated upon forest conservation and resource recycling

Producing pulp products that contribute to effective use of wood resources and building facilities to materialize environmental conservation and energy saving

Since long ago, the paper pulp industry has used precious trees that are a component of the global environment. It has used resources in harmony with the forest eco system and recycled waste paper as an ecological industry. Its goal has been to coexist with the healthy global environment.
The Company fully uses lumber mill wood scraps, as well as building and packing wood waste, as raw materials for pulp so as to protect and effectively use wood resources. Moreover, the Company has adopted various environmental conservation measures, including streamlining and energy-cutting efforts at its production facilities, and effective use of pulp waste liquor as a biomass fuel.
Looking ahead, the Company will continue to explore further possibilities for earth-friendly kraft pulp and contribute to the formation of a resource recycling-based society where verdant forests and human living can coexist in harmony.
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