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Since its inception in 1955, Hyogo Pulp Co., Ltd. has responded to changing customer needs as an unbleached kraft pulp (UKP) maker. It has grown to become the largest UKP supplier in Japan and ranks among the world's top suppliers. More recently, the Company has been establishing itself in China and other Asian markets as well.
In addition, the Company has been supplying biomass energy from its two biomass power generators to the local community. These generators use pulping liquor from pulp digestion (black liquor) and wood construction waste materials as fuels.
Operating in today's recycling-based society, Hyogo Pulp strives to conduct its business activities so as to efficiently use wood resources by being a supplier of wood pulp and biomass energy, putting to good use scrap wood from lumber mills, forest offcuts and construction packing waste.
The company's Tanigawa plant, situated in the central region of Hyogo Prefecture
The Company's Tanigawa plant, situated in the central region of Hyogo Prefecture
Unbleached kraft pulp
Unbleached kraft pulp
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